Treumann-Webb-Phelps American Legion Post 6



Debra Muus, Treumann-Webb-Phelps Unit 6 of Grand Forks, was selected as the Grand Forks American Legion Auxiliary Woman of the Year in May.


Debra has been a member of the Grand Forks American Legion Auxiliary since 1959.  She has served as our Unit Secretary, 2nd vice president, 1st vice president, and has been the Unit President since 2009.


She has been our Americanism Chairman for 12 years.  Debra attended Girls State in 1970.  She now helps each year with registration of Girls Stater’s on Sunday and also attends the Women’s panel on Monday and American Legion night, skit night.


She has attended the VA Hospital and Lisbon Veterans Home Gift Shops in December.  She has attended two Creative Arts Festivals at the VA Hospital where the craft projects made by the Veterans are on display. 


Debra has helped at American Legion baseball games taking admissions at the gate; she helps with the annual “No Bake” bake sale; she helps with our Poppy Day activities and Memorial Day activities.  She is an active member of the Unit Past President’s Parley.


Debra is a member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).  She was a school teacher (grades 3-6) for 32 years and as a substitute teacher for 8 years.  


Debra was selected as the North Dakota American Legion Auxiliary Member of the Year at the Department on Friday, 22 June 2018.  She will be attending the National Convention in August representing North Dakota.



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Grand Forks Legion Auxiliary

    As the new decade began in the 1920’s, the American Legion Auxiliary was formed.  The Auxiliary began the task of providing dinner on meeting nights that helped the attendance.  They always participated in the Veterans Day and Memorial Day programs and prepare the lunch that follows.  In addition, the Auxiliary coordinates the Annual Poppy Day Program; present the All American Student Award at Red River and Central High School; assist with the Legion Baseball Program; raises funds to sponsor the Girls State program; and selects and send local students to the International Music Camp.


Roster of Grand Forks American Legion Auxiliary President



              1921                  Mrs. J. B. Wineman                                              1922               Mrs. J. B. Wineman    

              1923                  Mrs. W. K. Treumann                                            1924               Mrs. O. Tudor Owen

              1925                  Mrs. J. B. Wineman                                              1926               Mrs. Francis Carter

              1927                  Mrs. H. L. Glass                                                   1928               Mrs. H. B. Beeson

              1929                  Mrs. H. A. Pierce                                                 1930                Mrs. R. D. Cole

              1931                  Mrs. George Hegstrom                                         1932                Mrs. F. J. Webb

              1933                  Mrs. Floyd Tucker                                               1934                Miss Nell Garvick

              1935                  Miss Nell Garvick                                                1936                Mrs. C. W. Rardin

              1937                  Mrs. S. J. Christopherson                                    1938                 Mrs. Floyd Castle

              1939                  Miss Frances Owens                                           1940                 Miss Frances Owens

              1941                  Mrs. Margaret Ardies                                          1941-42             Mrs. Oscar Lunseth

              1942-43           Mrs. C. L. Kjerstad                                               1943-44              G. G. Thorgrimson

              1944-45           Mrs. W. B. Arnold                                                1945-46              Mrs. Earl Capes

              1946-47           Mrs. Axel Knutson                                                1947-48             Mrs. Alf Hulteng

              1948-49           Mrs. Blair Flegal                                                   1949-50             Mrs. Florence Campeau

              1950-51           Mrs. Avis Knutson                                                1951-52              Mrs.MercedesKohanowski

              1952-53           Mrs. Bernice Fossum                                            1953-54              Mrs. Marge Kohler

              1954-55           Mrs. Agnes Hanson                                              1955-56              Mrs. Bernice Leo

              1956-57           Mrs. Donna Lewis                                                1957-58              Mrs. Ferne Berg

              1958-59           Mrs. Lauretta Haley                                             1959-60              Miss Isabelle Woods

             1960-61           Mrs. Catherine Larson                                           1961-62              Mrs. Betty Gilbertson

              1962-63           Mrs. Sigrid Lien                                                   1963-64              Mrs. Bernice Sabin                      

              1964-65           Mrs. Donna Jenson                                              1965-66              Mrs. Margaret Lykken

              1966-67           Mrs. Rita Phelps                                                  1967-68              Mrs. Vera Young

              1968-69           Mrs. Jeanette Kosanda                                         1969-70              Mrs. Sylvia Bossoletti

              1970-71           Mrs. Betty Ulvedal                                                1971-72              Diane Kraemer

              1972-73           Violet Kraemer                                                     1973-74              Ethel Bye

              1974-75           Mrs. Helen Lyons                                                  1975-76              Darlene Hall

              1976-77           Mrs. Donna Lewis                                                 1977-78              Karen Kosanda

              1978-79           Mary Pat Fortier/Diane Lindgren                             1979-80              Diane Lindgren/Sylvia Bossoletti

              1980-81           Mary Pat Fortier                                                   1981-83              Mrs. Mary Capes

              1983-84           Mrs. Mary Conklin                                                1984-85              Mrs. Karen Braaten

              1985-87          Mrs. Marilyn Gunderson                                         1987-89              Mrs. Bonnie Stiles

              1989-90           Mrs. Donna Lewis                                                1990-91              Ms Suzanne Kime

              1991-92           Mrs. Bonnie Stiles                                                1992-94              Mrs. Joan Smith

              1994-95           Mrs. Judy Tolness                                                1995-96              Mrs. Bonnie Stiles

              1996-97           Mrs. Delores Brown                                            1997-2010         Diane Kraemer
















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