Treumann-Webb-Phelps American Legion Post 6

     Commander Critical Communiques (CCC) from Post 6      

Updated: 25 March 2023



Members of Post 6 participated in an American Legion Fundraiser at the local Pizza Ranch on Monday, 30 January 2023.  It appears all was quiet during the photo shoot; but that soon changed to utter chaos in the bussing of tables and answering questions of guests to Pizza Ranch who were enjoying a night out on the town. The volunteers just didn't look the same after their shift that night.  Over $400 dollars was raised in the process for four hours.  Volunteers included:  (B)Tim Gagnon, Bob Greene, Michael Venaccio, (F)Ray Benson, and Erica Claus-Numsali.  "Special Thanks" goes out to all who participated and helped during a rather busy, busy week to include (not pictured) Michael Brown, Denny Almer, Larry Rivard, Ryan Kaste, Diane Kraemer, and David Flitter.


Cavalier  Space Force Station Open House, Saturday, 10 September, 1000 – 1600  


Post 6 was invited to attend a very rare visit to the Open House on Saturday at the US Space Force installation at Cavalier ND.  Hosted by the 10th Space Warning Squadron, there were guided tours of the Phased Array Site (PARCS) and mission support facilities to learn its operation and mission in missile warning and space surveillance, tracking, and space object identification capabilities. Pictured above are Post 6 member Legionnaires:  Bob Greene, Larry Rivard, Shawn Gunderson, Commander Michael Brown, Gary Spicer.  They are standing in front of a 1/2 scale model of the Spartan missile which was used for it's anti-ballistic capabilities back in the mid-1970s.  PARCS contributed location and tracking data to the ABM Network at Nekoma and the US Army team until deactivated in  late1976.  






On 8 September, Rydell GM was pleased to present a check for $1,000 to the Grand Forks Youth Baseball program.  Rydell was able to work with Chevrolet and its Test Drive program for youth Sports!  Brad Schumacher, Rydell GSM, is happy and proud to present the check to Commander Mike Brown and Legionnaire Dennis Almer who represent GF Youth Baseball and the American Legion programs.  Additionally, Rydell GM donated over a dozen Sports FIrst Aid Kits to be used for the many players that annually participate at our own Kraft Field. 

Safety First!


On 27 August, many of this communities came together to support the "Vets in the Park" event.  Plenty of Food, Fun, and Fantastic Information exchanges with over 30 local Veteran agencies, offices,  and organizations.  At the University Park, 1100 - 1600 was the main venue for this first annual of its kind.  We hope to revisit this again next year as the weather and community support was awesome.  





General Membership Meetings are held at Grand Forks County Offices on the 6th Floor in Grand Forks every third Tuesday of the month. 6:00pm Planned Social Hour and the formal meeting convenes at 7:00 pm, sharp. 



More information about The American Legion is available at and  If you have any questions, please call me:

Post Commander Brown at 701-740-6700 or our Post 6 Adjutant, Denny Almer at 805-714-3441.

Thank you for your service to our community/nation, and we look forward to seeing you at our next dinner and meeting.

Thank you,

Michael R Brown, Commander


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Post 6 recently joined the ranks of Grand Forks non-profits in directly supporting and sponsoring the SAFE KIDS organization.  Their work touches many many facets of our local community youth to make them safer and more secure.  For more information or to help out with a donation, please contact  Legionnaire Mike Venaccio (701-741-4870 or directly with your contributions.  Legionnaire Venaccio will consolidate and present all donations through one check on behalf of the Post 6 Membership.  Thank You, in advance!! or